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Scholarship Program


This scholarship opportunity is in conjunction with the Baccalaureate program.


Apply now!

2024 Scholarship Application submission deadline has passed.

As part of its mission, the Ivy Rose Community Foundation, Inc. is a key sponsor of multiple Community Enrichment events in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area.  

Baccalaureate Program


Baccalaureate Program

For over thirty years the Ivy Rose Community Foundation, Inc. has been sponsoring a special program to honor high school graduates. The African American Baccalaureate will be held the first Sunday of June at 4:00pm at Emmanuel Baptist Church. Beginning in April, the graduating seniors will participate in a series of workshops covering health, finance, and freshman transition. During the Baccalaureate program students will be honored for participating in community, extra-curricular, civic, and cultural activities. They will also be recognized for scholastic honors, most improved student honors, leadership, and sports. Some students will receive monetary awards or plaques for outstanding participation in the areas noted above. The Ivy Rose Community Foundation, Inc. 2024 scholarship recipients will be announced during the program along with scholarship recipients from other community organizations.

         Over $200,000 in scholarships have been awarded to college bound freshman

To participate in the program, please complete the application and return it to your school representative or mail/email to the address located on the application. Spots are still available, please apply ASAP. You are also requested to attend Baccalaureate Rehearsals (dates and time below) Rehearsals will also include brief workshop sessions on a variety of relevant topics. If you have friends who would like to participate, please bring them to rehearsals as well.

Rehearsal Dates (All rehearsals will be at Emmanuel Baptist Church)

April TBD Workshop Topic: Health Awareness

May TBD Workshop Topic: Freshman Finances

May TBD Workshop Topic: College and Career


*Invitations and “Class of 2024" Kente stoles will be available for purchase.


Day of Baccalaureate:  

Sunday, June 2, arrival time is at 2:30pm (with cap and gown**). Be sure to pick up your school’s cap and gown no later than Friday, May 31

For questions, please email:

Transforming Health in Our Community


FREE interactive health workshop and luncheon the first Saturday in February hosted by Ivy Rose Community Foundation, Inc. and select partners to connect the community to resources that will lead to improved health outcomes. The Ivy Rose Community Foundation, Inc.  is committed to help increase awareness and education in our community around building healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

Community Back Pack Drive


Annual Back Pack drive in collaboration with other local organizations to provide back packs and school supplies to underserved, homeless and at-risk children and youth.

HBCU for Life


College Awareness program which brings awareness to middle school and high school students  about the benefits of attending college and specifically attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Family Shelter Support

Drive 2.png

Partnered with the Supportive Housing Shelter in San Jose, CA to provide much needed resources and workshops including providing food and seasonal wraps to needy families.

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