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The 2020 Debutante Ball celebrated 31 years of debutantes and escorts, and highlighted how this program has been successful for its participants and the community.

The Ivy Rose Community Foundation in conjunction with Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Eta Rho Omega Chapter hosted a Debutante Ball, which is a fundraiser to help support its community service projects. In addition to being a fundraiser, the Debutante program also provides community service, with the purpose of guiding under-represented high school juniors and seniors as well as children through experiences that will aide in their long-term development. As part of the program, workshops are held to broaden their knowledge and experiences in the areas of educational enrichment, personal growth, community service and etiquette. The goal is to broaden the youths’ perspective and emphasize their obligations to the world and local community.


This is truly a program where there is cultural, educational and social enrichment for all participants, and it culminates with a celebration of culture and arts in the form of a Ball. It is something the community looks forward to, so they can celebrate and encourage youth to achieve their future aspirations!

Plans are beginning for our next Debutante Ball. We are always in search of corporate sponsorships for this worthwhile event.  We would like to invite your organization to become a sponsor of this event, as we believe it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your company as an industry leader that seeks to improve the lives of diverse and under-represented communities. Sponsorship is also an opportunity for increased brand awareness and exposure to an attractive target audience of distinguished and influential professionals, community leaders and youth.


picture taken: November 30, 2020

For more about participating, please contact us at:


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