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Prince and Princess Program

November 30, 2024


sponsored by Ivy Rose Community Foundation, Inc. 

We are delighted to begin planning for the Fall 2024 Prince and Princess Program, which is a special feature of the 2024 Debutante Ball!


The Prince and Princess Program implements age appropriate activities that offer children, ages 5-10, the opportunity to learn new things while also having fun. The progam culminates with a presentation at the Debutante Ball, which will be held on November 30, 2024.

This experience will be a treasured memory for you and your child for years to come.


Please complete the following form if interested.

We are always in search of corporate sponsorships for this worthwhile event.  We would like to invite your organization to become a sponsor of this event, as we believe it is a wonderful opportunity to showcase your company as an industry leader that seeks to improve the lives of diverse and under-represented communities. Sponsorship is also an opportunity for increased brand awareness and exposure to an attractive target audience of distinguished and influential professionals, community leaders and youth.

For more about participating, please contact us at:


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